Finding Solace in all Things Great and Small

Letting Go

The book launch has come and gone. It went well or as good as can be expected during these times. I scheduled the book launch before this recent covid surge and spent the last weeks before the event vacillating between canceling or following through. I didn’t know which one was the best option and I … Continue reading Letting Go

Clean Freak

My maternal grandparents had twenty-one children, which was always difficult for me to admit to anyone because usually when I told people this fact they’d guffaw or make a sarcastic remark or raise their eyebrows as if in disbelief. “Twenty-one? You gotta’ be frigging kidding me?” More often than not I changed the subject and … Continue reading Clean Freak


There is a definite change in the air when I lace up my running shoes, put my earbuds in, and head out the door for my morning run. Whether from the colder temperature or listening to the Top 40 hits, I run fast picking up my knees, even climbing a few hills as if I … Continue reading Autumn

Loving Well

When I get close to the end of my life, there will be one question I hope to answer with an affirmative yes. Did I love well? It will not be how many books I wrote or how much money might be in my bank account or the number of places I visited. It will … Continue reading Loving Well


I tend to be a serious person and forget how wonderful it is to laugh; chuckle when I make a mistake or to “lighten up and relax already” –a comment I’ve heard more than just a few times over the years. Today, the owner of the local venue for my book launch kindly offered a … Continue reading Laughter


Yesterday, I did not turn on my computer or my phone and left my house for the day, traveling up north about twenty-five miles or so; first on the highway, then onto a dirt forest service road for several bumpy miles until I reached the trail head –destination, a secluded high mountain lake. Before I … Continue reading Unplugged

Book Launch

When my book consultant asked, “So, what are doing for your book launch?” I shrugged and responded, “I don’t know.” She hates those three words. “Not good enough! Think book launch party, book signing, book clubs.” Images of balloons, party favors, a cake, gifts, champagne sailed through my head. “Okay,” I replied weakly. I didn’t … Continue reading Book Launch


Yoga is part of my daily life; get up, drink something hot, do yoga. I started my yoga practice when I lived in India in the latter half of the 1970s and then continued to practice in my home when I returned to North America; discovering that I just felt better when I repeated the … Continue reading Yoga


The extreme heat continues to plague the Pacific Northwest causing record drought conditions. Wildfires are igniting and spreading quickly. We are in our third month of no measurable rainfall. The trees around my home look stressed and the tall grasses have already turned yellow brown. Usually, this time of year everything should be an emerald-green … Continue reading Water


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