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Downsizing usually means reducing in size, the process of replacing something larger with something smaller, or in the financial world when companies cut the workforce to diminish operating costs. I’ve used this word a lot in the last several months. For instance, to explain to my friends why I moved, “Oh, we’re just downsizing.”

We donated antiques, boxes of children’s games and toys, books, clothes, furniture, outdoor equipment, tools, kitchenware, and more to charities and goodwill stores. We made several trips to the dump to throw away things we couldn’t donate. Our kids came and picked up the rest of their belongings we had stored under the house.

We still had a lot to move. Not as much of course. But nevertheless, a truckload’s worth.

When we got to our new home, we unloaded the furniture into the house and had the movers place everything else in the garage; boxes and boxes piled everywhere. The next day we began the process of moving in. However, it seemed that much did not fit well into our downsized space and I felt a little bamboozled. Didn’t we just spend months downsizing?

There are now several boxes and bags in our new garage filled with items we will donate, and several large garbage bags labeled TRASH. Our new neighbor mentioned she made seven trips to the recycling center when they moved. Who knew downsizing could be such a chore? Why do I own so much stuff?

Our original goal in downsizing was to simplify our lives. To let go of possessions we no longer needed. To declutter our lives. To spend less money. To embody a “less is more attitude.” To live an uncomplicated life.

I have a long way to go to truly scale back and live a simple life. I have boxes to go through and piles to make. Everything that is a maybe is now in the giveaway heap. I’m resisting the temptation to buy clothes and gadgets I do not need. I’m letting go one day at a time and trying to spend more time appreciating sunrises, sunsets, and the change of season from summer to autumn. Downsizing is not easy, but I am finding it worthwhile.

“The secret of happiness, you see, is not found in seeking more, but in developing the capacity to enjoy less.” Socrates

Enjoy the passage of time!


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