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A Year of Solace

Every week, at the end of my blog, I write: How did you find solace this week? So, for this week, I would appreciate hearing from all of you on those things in your life that may have increased your well-being, brought you comfort, and or gladdened your heart. Here is a recap of my weekly Tuesday blogs—65 to be exact—on how I found solace for over a year now:

Old journals, autumn, the joy of writing

acceptance, taking a nap, publishing Sylvie

eating chocolate cake, cleaning my home

receiving handwritten notes from my loved ones


empty spaces, laughter, watching the moon

listening to music, letting go, dancing in the wind

water, slipping my feet

into timeworn moccasins


giving thanks, trying something new

a cup of tea

being nobody special

celebrating new beginnings

smelling wildflowers, reveling in a solitary day


cross-country skiing lost in daydreams

taking a break from things

being patient, never giving up, eating out

remembering that less is more


that color, the sky, truth, and the people in my life

are more precious and more beautiful than

I could ever find words.

The synonyms for solace are many: comfort, support, relief, soothe, console, ease, coziness, wellbeing, security, relaxation, and contentment. Solace will likely have a different meaning to each of you and I look forward to reading about what may have brought you consolation or reassurance this past year. Simply post a comment in the comments section after this blog or find me on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, or on the contact page on my website http://www.sharonkreider.com.

Here’s to another year of finding solace in all things great and small.

How did you find solace this week?


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4 thoughts on “A Year of Solace

    1. Gazing across my favorite lake and listening to the lapping at my feet brings me solace, especially after a swim. After several days camping in the rain, being picked up by good friends for an overnighter in their beautiful country home that included a home cooked meal and much needed showers brought solace to us both. And a year of reading about solace that inspired and instilled my own, has given me much to feel grateful for. Thank you, Sharon, you are a a true friend.

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