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Writer - Author - Poet

Yesterday, after I taught my yoga class, a student remarked, “I’ve had it with this cold spring. I need it to warm up so I can sit outside and enjoy my lunch instead of still having to wear my down coat.” She fiddled with the rings on her finger.

I nodded because I too would like to sit outdoors at my favorite coffeehouse. Yet, I had to remind her of the heat dome from last summer. “I get it, but I don’t want it to warm up too fast. Remember what happened last year?”

She shook her head. “Yeah, but I’m done with this lingering icy feel of winter. I say, hurry up already.”

This year I do not feel a sense of urgency for anything to happen too fast. I will wait for the deciduous trees to fill the forest with their lush lime-green growth. I will wait to sit outside on my back porch without my winter jacket. I will wait for the summer flowers, the blueberries, the buzz of insects, and the lazy and hazy days of summer. I will wait to kayak on the lake or picnic at the beach, swim, and enjoy all the wonders that happen throughout our best season.

I am in no rush to hasten anything, whether it be the seasons, publishing my new book, increasing my social media following, or getting to those five things on my writing whiteboard. Which makes me think. Have I finally achieved some level of patience in my life? That quality I’ve admired in others –the art of enduring the ups and downs of life with serenity and forbearance, not complaining, enjoying the moment?

I don’t know. Maybe.

However, there is relief in not goading for events to emerge sooner rather than later. To allow things to unfold in their own good time without my tendency to persuade or urge things along, because in the not-so-distant future, I will likely be teaching my yoga class and a student will say, “It’s too hot. I can’t wait for winter.”

“Most pursue pleasure with such breathless haste, that they hurry past it.” S. Kierkegaard

How did you find solace this week?


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