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Artificial Intelligence

AI or artificial intelligence is the intelligence of machines or software, the opposite of the intelligence of human beings or animals. Cyborgs exist only in fiction, but the concept is becoming more and more likely as scientific research makes significant progress with each passing year.  

I can hardly keep up with it. Social media changes and trends so quickly, it’s no wonder I fall behind. Just when I think I have gained some momentum, it feels as if I’m back to square one. Most social media platforms use AI, which has generated a sleuth of conversation points from AI revolutionizing social media marketing to worrisome algorithms.

Not long ago I switched my website to a different host. It seemed simple enough. However, there have been several glitches that I’m assuming are AI-based –coding disparities, variations in image optimization, and a whole bunch of other things I barely understand. It makes my head spin.

For those of you who read my blog regularly, you may have noticed that my blogs did not pop up in your inbox these past several weeks. My blogs written on the old platform did not transfer as well as I or my website manager had hoped. Little snags here and there tripping us up.

AI never takes a break. It runs through thousands or millions of tasks extremely quickly, learning so much in so little time, it’s no wonder switching platforms might be filled with application issues, especially with pre-designed templates. It shouldn’t surprise me when I can’t keep up.

I hope most of the transfer issues are now fixed and things will once again run without incident, and I can return to those things I prefer without thought of technical hitches. Just let AI do its thing. After all, the Terminator was just a movie. Right? It seems too out there to think of human biology merging with synthetic biology. But then again, if AI can solve ten problems in one minute compared to a human solving one problem in five minutes, who knows where we will be a hundred years from now? I won’t be around but maybe someone reading this blog might be.

Do you have the patience to wait until the mud settles and the water is clear? Lao Tzu

Enjoy the passage of time!


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