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Writer - Author - Poet

Mountains in Summer

Always for most of my life now

I am in the mountains in summer

to hike up and down

steep slopes, wade blue-green rivers

avoid encounters with grizzlies

maneuver snowfields, sleep

under the stars. Fill my days

and nights with clean air, breathe

deep and long. Remember

who I am. The girl who wandered

over the West to become wild. To romp

through meadows full of bluebells

and fields of lavender lupine

laugh in the full moonlight

drink cold water from glacial streams

and gaze at far grass ridges

while lightning illuminates the sky

electrifying my body.

Always for most of my life now

I am in the mountains in summer

to stare at exquisite peaks

and spacious valleys

watch bluebirds land on alder bushes

smell the rich scent of the earth

after a cloudburst. Taste

the pleasant flavor of rain

on my tongue. Touch

the soft lime-green tendrils of a larch

sway in a cool mountain breeze

implore the odds not to cascade down

through rocky ledges melting

ancient glaciers

but to remain unchanged

and stoically weather all things

as time passes

and the world grows rich

on the threat of death

with grace, with tenderness

with love.

Enjoy the passage of time.


© 2023. Sharon Kreider. All Rights Reserved