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Writer - Author - Poet

Moccasins and Old Friends

I’ve worn moccasins around the house for decades, preferring the ones made with soft suede leather and lined with sheepskin; wearing them until the lining has thinned to nothing, the sole has two or three holes, the stitching ruptures or the heel pad is threadbare. Then, I inevitably leave an opened catalog, at the slipper page, in an obvious place hoping or rather knowing my husband will get the hint and order me a new pair for my birthday or our anniversary or for under the tree.

There’s nothing quite like placing my feet in a new pair. Oos and ahhs can be heard throughout my house as I marvel at the craftmanship and beauty.

And even when I have my new pair, I don’t rid myself of the old ones quite yet preferring to slip them on every now and again –like meeting up with an old friend who recognizes my idiosyncrasies and yet doesn’t criticize or judge or fail to love me.

As the years go by, I find moccasins and old friends to be two things that bring more comfort than I have words to describe but I’ll try: comfort and ease and luxury and coziness and relief and wellbeing and security and relaxation and contentment and solace…

Moccasins once lined with

thick fluffy soft lambswool

are now ghosts of what they were

laces gone and falling apart

worn out and looking


holes on the bottom heel

a thousand days of warming my toes

and comforting me

like my old friend who

out of the blue

wrote an email message filled

with love and missing me and wanting

to connect and remembering

our young selves

dancing on the rocks

in the Himalayas.

How did you find solace this week?


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