Writer - Author - Poet
Writer - Author - Poet

All the beaches I visited in Australia were beautiful. Some more than others of course. The white, smooth sand was so soft that when my feet sunk in the soothing powder it felt like they were encased in a pair of velvety slippers. I loved the mellow aroma of salt in the air, the crystal-clear turquoise waters, the sound of the ocean waves lapping against the shore, seagull cries and seabirds resting on the crest of the breaking surf, their feathers brightening the sea. Beaches without litter and garbage. Surrounded by magnificent coastlines: cliffs, coves, and rocky outlets.

Swimming in the warm waters was especially nice as was relaxing on beach towels under the hot sun’s rays. Sometimes the wind would pick up and we’d take long walks on the beach edge trying to outsmart incoming tides. In those moments it felt as if I was a kid again, laughing when a wave caught me unawares, grabbing my husband’s hand, remembering who we are, what’s important, and what’s not.

It’s hard to find words to describe the exquisiteness of my days on the many spectacular beaches I had the privilege of visiting, but I’ll try.


Wave after wave

plummets the shoreline

white-tailed possums at night

kookaburra calls in the morning

by midday the sun

feels like I am in an oven

creamy white sand

too hot to walk on

without my flip flops

salt crusts my upper lip

sand in my swimsuit bottoms

wave after wave

plummets the shoreline

lulls my thoughts

of old age, sickness, death

lulls my heart

of loss, what-ifs, what-now

lulls the throb

the constant tide

of not knowing

wave after wave

plummets the shoreline

quiets the ache

of my yesterdays.

Solace is everywhere. Enjoy the Passage of Time.


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