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Writer - Author - Poet

No Hurries No Worries

There are so many things I’d like to share with you about my time in Australia and New Zealand. It was everything I had wished for and more and I hope to impart at least some of the main foci in the next several blogs I publish –what I learned and the insights I gathered along the way: about myself, about the world around me, and the beauty of this incredible planet we call home.

The first thing I did when I got off the plane in Sydney, after collecting my bag and going through customs, was to sit down at an airport coffee shop and sip on a delicious flat white. In my opinion, Australia’s cafes host some of the best coffees. Coffees with a powerful evocative smell; a full-bodied flavor and a rich pleasant tanginess that fills the palate.

As the days crept into weeks, I invariably would start each day with a delicious cup of coffee, appreciating the foam art on top of the creamy caramel-colored brews, sipping rather than gulping, welcoming the day. Slowing down. Allowing the Australian way of life to creep into my bones.

Letting go of any apprehensions or fears I may have brought with me. Regaining peace of mind. Getting back to basics. Settling into the nowness of having nowhere to go or anything better to do than to be with my amazing family.

It was as if I could take hold of my mind again, restoring it to wholeness, awake to the blue color of the sky, the white clouds, the green leaves, the pink-lavender bougainvillea in bloom, the warm sun. Finding peace in moments of simply watching, becoming present. Not chasing after my thoughts but easing into a tranquil heart and a clear mind. Or as they say in simple Australian slang, No hurries, no worries, mate.

Solace is everywhere.


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