Writer - Author - Poet
Writer - Author - Poet

I tend to express myself best through my poetry –finding the fewest of words to convey my deepest feelings. Some people tell me that poetry is hard but I think it’s the easiest form of writing, especially contemporary poetry where I can freely create without worrying about syntax or structure.

Growing up I wrote poems on envelopes, receipts, paper bags; anything I could find really to jot down words popping into my head like describing the taste of the snow melting in my mouth or walking to school one very cold winter morning. All the bare trees were covered in a layer of ice. When the sun rose, low on the horizon that time of year, everything exploded in a sea of diamond light. It was so spectacular I spent the rest of the day trying to find the right words, even missing lunch with my friends, too engrossed in the flow of words stemming from somewhere inside me.

And sometimes I find the best way to express my love is to, well … you know, write.

My Faith in You

with honor and loyalty


in your heart

like the old television series


I believe everything

you tell me

and though sometimes I should

know better

and not take you so seriously

maybe even laugh

let my fingers ruffle through

your hair

I can’t help myself

for always believing

in you  

the way your eyes mist

over when I read

a recent poem

the kindness you show

to strangers

the love you shower

me with day after day

as we grow old and older

and older

and if you were to tell me

that there is indeed a place

where we will meet after death

I would believe you.

I would believe you

as I’ve always done before.


How did you find solace this week?

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