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Many of my friends have favorite moon phases –the full moon or the half-moon or a new-moon, even no moon. Some tell me their creativity flourishes under a full moon. Others say they don’t sleep well when the moon is full. And a few are convinced that the best time to begin an innovative project is on the new moon.

The one thing I like about the moon is that everyone can see it and no one owns the moon – at least not yet. I can be anywhere in the world and see it, know it’s there somewhere behind the clouds or about to rise or set on the horizon.

Years ago, when I lived in Asia, I saw my first lunar eclipse, staying up until the wee hours of the morning watching the full moon wane completely until it was just a shadow and then wax again. Only a wisp of a cloud obscured the view as my Asian friends and I talked about the significance: would the next year bring us closer to our dreams or further; would there be some sort of a world disaster; would we meet someone special? We fantasized about the island we were on being suddenly hit by a tsunami or a volcano erupting and sending rivers of hot lava down the mountainside into the villages. 

Nothing happened. The moon waned and got full again. I left Asia to settle back in North America and have watched the moon for years now: reflecting off the snow on a clear, cold winter night; sparkling over the lake on a summer evening; a perfect sliver crescent resting on a mountain peak; rising in the east just after sunset taking on a golden hue.

Whenever I can, especially on cloudless nights, I take a moment –maybe 15 seconds, to admire the moon, thankful for its calming presence in my life and reminding me what a great thing it is to have eyes to see and a heart to feel.

How did you find solace this week?


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