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Writer - Author - Poet

The screen went black and then the infinite spinning circle went round and round for about an hour before my laptop simply shut down. I waited a bit before powering it back up. Next, my homepage screen image came on, and I thought all was well before the screen went brown to black, and then nothing. Dead. Sigh…

I’ve worked on my laptop continuously since I got it in 2017 and although I knew most laptops don’t last more than a few years, I secretly hoped mine would last forever. I had saved most of my important files on an external hard drive and One Drive but recently downloaded a series of photos, articles, and a few other miscellaneous items onto the computer, thinking I should move them into a more secure location. Too late. Some of my blog photos and a novella piece I’d written were gone too. Lesson learned.

After some research, I ended up buying a laptop like the one I had, just updated, sleeker, with Windows 11 and a few fancy tools. Immediately I noticed a difference when I turned it on. The whirring noises I had become accustomed to were no longer there. Navigating the web took less time. Command buttons worked right away. I think my eyes got a little brighter too.

For the past few days, I’ve been getting used to my new toy. Learning Windows 11. Downloading, moving, and cleaning up files. Selecting new background and screen images. Creating shortcuts. Watching videos with ease. Linking and unlinking websites. It’s amazing what an upgrade in technology can do!

My kids tell me I am a tech immigrant, meaning I did not grow up with technology, it isn’t my first language, and therefore, tech issues, solutions, and resolutions do not come easily. I must work at it. All the time. And although I have become somewhat more competent in the art of tech, I admit I’ve already been stumped a few times with the new look of Windows 11, eliminating files I do not need, and getting rid of annoying trails. Hopefully, this computer will last as long as my last one did, and with any luck, I’ll know when to get a new one before this one dies.

How did you find solace this week?


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