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The Beauty of Color

With the melting of the winter snow and increased sunlight, green shoots are popping up everywhere. The buds on the deciduous trees are beginning to open. A few crocuses have emerged, along with a rare early spring wildflower or two.

Although I love the stark beauty of winter when everything can be covered in a hushed blanket of white, the first colors of spring are truly wonderful: bluebell blue, orchid pink, moss green, fiery crimson, pearl gray, smoky brown, topaz tan. I think I discover new colors every time the days warm.

“Every sunset brings a new dawn.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

This spring, for whatever reason, I’ve been appreciating the sunsets. The way they light up the sky with bright yellows, soft oranges, deep blues, dark violets, and every now and again, intense reds. I sometimes sit outside, wrapped in a cozy fleece, and watch the colors alter and change, deepen, and darken, and eventually fade to dusk. It’s like meditation, sitting there in the quiet, not talking. Observing every detail of how the day ends and the night begins, the way colors mingle and hide. A simple practice of appreciation, finding peace in the ordinary, in the beauty of color, in my inbreath and outbreath, and in the extraordinary harmony of our earth and our exquisite existence.


From behind a high hill

mad orange fools

race across the sky

bump into

bursts of lavender

dance among

the clouds

as the saffron king

holds high court

before sinking

into crystal glass.


soft shadows

a scarlet band

and two lone stars

stand guard

watching day

morph to night

witnessing the natural

order of things

the absence of nothing

complete and whole.

How did you find solace this week?


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