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Treehouse by the Sea

The first thing I noticed when we arrived at our coastal rental was a little black and white picture frame with the words: Paris New York London Tokyo and the name of the small town nearby. I laughed. The place we chose to stay at was not Tokyo or Paris but a quaint, out-of-the-way spot with a population of about 3,000. Pristine beaches, spectacular blue lakes, inlets, rivers, and mountain scenery.

Our rental for the next couple of weeks, called the Treehouse, was situated at the top of a hill crest, and provided splendid views. I felt a calm wash over me as I gazed out at the bay and inlet waters, which changed from a deep azure blue to a light turquoise depending on the tide and the sun. Kookaburras and parrots swooped through the tall eucalyptus trees on the eastern side with glimpses of the wide-open Tasman Sea.

Later that afternoon, we went for a scenic drive and stopped at one of the marinas. We got out and went for a short walk to a jetty. I spotted a few surfers practicing their skills and a lone sea kayaker expertly maneuvering the swells. There was also a flock of seabirds and three seals trying to catch the discards two fishermen threw into the sea.

We decided to stay a while and continue to watch the men proficiently fillet their daily catch. A pelican adeptly grasped a large fish head in midair and two cormorants tried to outwit a pair of seagulls. And then three black stingrays glided under them to feed on any dropped morsels, their long tails, and serrated venomous spines visible as they floated along the clear lagoon bottom. The light wind held a hint of salt.  

When we got back to the treehouse, I noticed my cheeks had sunburned even with the 50+ UV sunscreen guaranteed to be 99% effective. I took a shower, laid on my bed, and fell asleep.

I can’t remember the last time I slept without moving, dreams, or a care in the world. It was as if I was lulled into renewal, the cells of my body silently mending hidden worries and stresses I didn’t even know were there. After, I sat in a lounge chair on the deck and watched the sunset, shifting colors from tinges of buttery yellow to blood orange. My thoughts fluid as water running through the beach sand. Healing from the inside out.

A day on the southeast coast of Australia may not have been enough to restore all my troubles and pains, but it sure was a good start.

“Nothing can bring you peace but yourself.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Enjoy the Passage of Time.


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  1. Beautiful to read. I feel relaxed by your vivid description of your day by the sea.
    Enjoy Dear One
    ???? Julie

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