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Empty Spaces

When I was younger, a common phrase could be heard with groups of friends or colleagues or to loved ones: “I need space.” Space from activities and worthy causes and interesting people and things to get done or days filled with appointments and meetings and dates.

Yesterday, I used this old line when my husband asked if I wanted to get together with some of our friends.

I drew in a long slow breath and replied. “I just need some space.”

Space from talking with my book consultant about the many things I have yet to complete for my upcoming book launch, space from the details surrounding changes needed on my website, space from all the zoom meetings I’ve been on, and even space from myself for already planning my next book.

I’ve realized there is beauty in space, in nothingness. Like the tall hemlock tree near my house standing alone against the empty sky. Is it the tree that is beautiful or the space around the uneven branches? Or the sculpture in my home of two herons against an otherwise completely empty white wall. Or the pause between two beautifully sung musical notes.

I find when I have time to think or watch a butterfly land on a lofty lavender bush or time to look at the stars, the space between thoughts is a refuge. The silence allowing me to bask in moments of comfort and happiness, balancing my need to be productive and just keep creating.

So, when I found out today that my books would not be delivered until the second or third week of September, pushing back my book launch by a month or more, I decided the space between where I am today and where I will be in a few months’ time is just what I need.

Time for empty hours in my day or aimless rooms in my life in which to be by myself and know the river moves by itself. I don’t need to push it.

How did you find solace this week?


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