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Writer - Author - Poet

It’s a blustery day. The wind has blown all day long, the trees swaying with the gusts. I tend to like the sound the wind creates as it snakes its way through the cedar and spruce boughs. When the wind really picks up speed, I sometimes can hardly hear anything else at all. It can also cause a lot of havoc as I watch the grill cover and the plastic covering for the deck furniture blow off.

Last year, we had what we are all now referring it to as “the big blowdown.” Super strong blasts of wind howled down the mountain valleys tearing up century old trees, knocking out power lines, ripping through fields, plucking up roadside trees and depositing them across the highways. We were without power for a few days. Some friends lost their power for a week. Some for longer.

Still, I like the wind. It reminds me of the power of nature and of those things that are out of my control. I can only try to bend and shift and sway with the tides of change. Accept what I must. Do what I can. Love well. Appreciate what I have and do my best when the wind knocks me off my feet.

Wind blows through the trees

as twilight descends. The snowbanks

as high as my waist crunch

under my boots. The mountains

silhouetted in the distance seem

to lean in close, as if to whisper

a blessing as darkness descends. One

by one, the stars come out, bright

then brighter, like lupine

in spring, small lavender buds, then magnificent

violet blooms. I hear a lone

coyote, then the hoot of a distant owl. A moon sliver

peeps up behind the tallest spruce creating fingers

of light dancing on the snow. My nose

tingles in the cold and I smile. Then walk

home to warmth and all I love.

How did you find solace this week?


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