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Writer - Author - Poet

My Best Friend

There’s this saying that if you have two friends in your lifetime you can count yourself lucky. But if you have one truly good friend, you are more than lucky. Which has always been a comfort to me because I don’t have a lot of good friends, but the ones I do have, I’ve known and cherished for a long time. The brightest of stars lighting up my life with their humor, wisdom, creativity, and care. They’ve supported and loved me through my ups and downs, struggles and accomplishments, failures, and regrets. And I’ve tried to do the same for them.

Whether a friend is in my life for a short time or a long time, I’ve come to appreciate them more and more as the years tumble into one another: a reading group friend discussing a recent book; yoga friends meeting for lattes after yoga class; a leisurely lunch with a friend; listening to a fellow poet share a recent poem.

Friends are wonderful. Good friends are precious. But the absolute gem is a best friend, a very best friend who listens to just about everything I have to say and never judges. That person I go to when I have great news and not so great news. That person I share my secrets, hopes, embarrassments, worries, and more. My very best friend who brings me comfort and joy every day.

The Bond

In the woods I come upon a wild turkey

skittish and untrusting

fleeing here and there

clucking like a mother hen

trying to get me to follow

further away from a deep stream

where a possible nest

lay hidden from the sun

it’s cry reminding me of standing

near a sharp-edged cliff

and looking down onto treetops

brush, fallen logs, a river running madly

splashing over its banks

in a rush to get home

the ache in my belly rising to meet

my fear of falling

of no longer knowing who to ask

what to ask

jumpy uneasy

hiding from the truth

of always wanting you

by my side 

guiding me in the dark

in the light

with my choices

holding my hand

showing me the way.

How did you find solace this week?


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