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Writer - Author - Poet

Yoga is part of my daily life; get up, drink something hot, do yoga. I started my yoga practice when I lived in India in the latter half of the 1970s and then continued to practice in my home when I returned to North America; discovering that I just felt better when I repeated the asanas day after day. There weren’t many yoga studios in those days ‘nor was there such a thing as ‘registered yoga teacher’ or ‘yoga teacher training courses.’ Now of course, yoga classes are everywhere –online, at in person studios, on the television, streaming from my phone, podcasts to listen to, Instagram, and so on.

Although I have all these choices, I still prefer to run through the sequences learned over forty years ago in the comfort of a small yoga room in my home; feeling invigorated when I repeat those postures day after day.

My first teacher, an energetic 94-year-old, who did not speak English very well always remarked, “only young as spine is stretchy.”

I think he meant flexible or supple but stretchy is a nice word; kind of like one of those malleable bendy toys. Remember Gumby?

There are days now when I don’t feel too “stretchy” yet I carry on; approaching each new day with renewed commitment and teach one yoga class a week. My students always thank me for teaching, but I really thank them because they give me the opportunity to pass along the tradition, to welcome every morning of my life, and to not give up. Or should I say not give in, letting my body become taut and unyielding.

I’m launching my book at the end of next month, soon to be live on Amazon, and my daily practice of yoga gives me more comfort than I have words for; my breath in sync with my movement, releasing tension, softening the edges, letting go of the unnecessary, appreciating the moment. Simple practice. Great refuge.

How did you find solace this week?


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