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Life Goes On

Where I live, most trees and shrubs form their buds in the late summer or fall before they go dormant for the winter; sleeping, not growing, or changing, waiting until spring to swell and leaf out. Bears give birth usually in February, during hibernation and even though the mother bears metabolic rates have slowed, they wake up to give birth and then care for their tiny cubs. Baby black bears weigh around 8 ounces at birth, while a grizzly bear cub will weigh about one pound. It’s amazing that these bears can grow to 600 lbs. Emperor Penguins breed during the Antarctic winter when the air temperature may drop to -75 degrees Fahrenheit with winds reaching speeds of up to 125 mph. I’ve always appreciated the fact that even in the darkest and coldest times of the year, there is life, waiting to burst into thousands of vibrantly colored blossoms or despite the harshest conditions on earth, emerge from the warm incubation of its parent.

It’s also comforting to know that no matter what happens or how bad it seems sometimes, life goes on. Every day gives me a chance to be better. To care deeply for those I love. To let go of the things I cannot change. To find solace every day in the little things like observing buds on a tree covered in ice, or to know that there is likely a bear cub being born near my home, or sadly today, how to say goodbye to a dear friend.

For Mel

Freezing rain fell

covering everything

in a half-inch layer of ice

the day I found out

you took your last breath

impossible to go outside

for a walk. Roads paths sidewalks

slippery as a skating rink

impossible to believe

you no longer here

the sound of your beautiful laugh

echoing in my heart. Remembering

sunny days sipping lattes

chatting about things you love

Paul, a daughter, two sons

dogs, more dogs, Greece

good food, flowers, dreams

compassion for others. Healing

the world one tender word

after another. Who knows

how many people you saved

hundreds, thousands

who are better because you lived

you cared you loved

you a light in this world

snuffed out too soon

yet not forgotten not dead

not gone but here

blooming in the present.

How did you find solace this week?


© 2023. Sharon Kreider. All Rights Reserved

One thought on “Life Goes On

  1. Sharon,
    What a lovely poem for your friend. I lost a friend this past week, too. Like your friend, Renee was a beautiful light, gone too soon. Are you in Australia now?

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