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Writer - Author - Poet

About Sharon Kreider

Bestselling author Sharon Kreider, a former mental health therapist turned writer, weaves the emotional and psychological fabric of the human condition into her writing and prose to help shed light on many relevant issues facing society today –its conflicts, its tragedies, and windows of hope.

Born and raised in a small northern Canadian town, she left home at an early age to travel the world, and eventually settled in Colorado where she penned her first book, Sylvie: a women’s fiction novel examining a family’s love for one another, acceptance, and letting go. The siren call of the Pacific Northwest lured her to a new writing home on several acres of wild, natural land to live a quieter life with her husband.

Sharon’s second book, Wandering … a long way past the pastis a remarkable travel memoir; an exceptional account of courage, love, overcoming adversity, and forgiveness, spanning her three-year solo adventure from Canada to Asia in the late 1970s.

Maélie, her next book focuses on a young woman growing up in the Depression era in a remote northern Canadian village, bordering land reserved for the First Nation peoples, and the choices she must make to survive.

When Sharon is not writing, you can find her hiking the hills or kayaking the lake near her home in summer, cross-country skiing in winter, and as a long-time yoga instructor, teaching a yoga class from time to time.

Finding Solace

Thankful for my Half Cup

When I go out for dinner, I usually read the whole menu to discover what I might want to eat. My family members and friends usually have no problem deciding what they want. My husband finds his selection right away. Not me. I use the process of elimination. No, I don’t want that or that until I narrow my choices

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The North Star

Polaris, or the North Star, is in the same location in the northern hemisphere every night from dusk to dawn, neither rising nor setting, and is also the brightest star in the sky. It symbolizes direction, guidance, stability, and purpose. In Norse folklore, the North Star was at the end of a spike around which the sky rotated. In Mongolian

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No Man is an Island

In the BBC Planet Earth documentary series, there is an episode about a group of fish called “schooling fish” swimming together to confuse predators. The stalker, like a shark, can’t pick out an individual fish, and therefore, the chances of the whole group getting away are greatly increased. Herring are among the more spectacular schooling fish aggregating in great numbers

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