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Finding solace in the simplest of things

I have spent a rather embarrassingly amount of time trying to figure out my blog. I’ve not done anything like this before. I don’t yet have a Facebook account or use Twitter, Instagram, or Tik Tok, even though my colleagues and mentors advise me to “get going, already.” I have to start somewhere. Right?

What should I write about? My long career as a licensed mental health professional, guiding adolescents and their families through difficult emotional times? My retirement? My decision to leave Colorado and move to the Pacific Northwest—not just move, but literally pack up on my last day of work and head north following a moving van full of my husband’s and my belongings, to live in a tiny, I mean really tiny trailer, for four months on several acres of wild, natural land while building a new home?

Should I write about my decision to finish my first novel and somersault into the publishing world? Or about why Mental Health matters? Or about my love for quiet spaces, the outdoors, how I find so much peace and contentment away from the plugged-in world?

Or should I write about how I created a place of safety, comfort, and joy in this wilder place. Most times it is just the simplest of things.

How did you find solace this week?

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