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Writer - Author - Poet

My book consultant believes that as an author I should be singing any or all commendations, honors, awards, and endorsements most, if not all, of the time. “Get your brag on,” she says. “Don’t waste time. Get over yourself.”

Easier said than done, and besides, isn’t someone who is constantly promoting themselves annoying? Shouldn’t I just be writing for the joy of writing, honing my craft, selfless in my pursuit of sharing my stories with the world? Isn’t modesty the best policy?

Apparently not. My book consultant went on a little tirade. “Claiming success means having accountability. You’re owning what you’ve done, which is the mature thing to do. It’s planting seeds for your future. Owning up to your accomplishments is not arrogance; it’s about getting what you deserve.”

So, I guess I have a lot of work to do in that area, but I’ll start with this post. Here are a few paragraphs from an editorial review from Midwest Reviews that came out this week for Wandering …a long way past the past:

“Travel accounts pack library shelves, as do memoirs, but combine the two and add a spiritual component for the taste of something different and that is Wandering…A Long Way Past the Past…”

“Kreider’s attention to detail in recreating conversations, personas, and situations blends with a special degree of naiveté about the history of the places she traversed. This lends an element of surprise to her experiences that is both pleasing and points out how today’s travel itinerary, often carefully studied and researched well in advance, belays the growth inherent in discovery.”

“This translates to a deeper reliance on written description and word to impart the “you are here” feel of her journey—and in this, Kreider does not disappoint. Readers are here alongside her at every point, from smoking dope to encountering locals in small farming villages. This sense of immediacy and word images ultimately sets Wandering…A Long Way Past the Past more than a notch above contemporary travelogue memoirs, making for a vivid read that libraries will want to consider for its lasting value.”

“Capturing a bygone era pre-internet and the trekking journey of a young woman in search of place and self, Wandering…A Long Way Past the Past is a powerful recreation of a bygone world of innocence and wonder…”

Thank you Midwest Reviews. There. Is that enough? Or will my book consultant sigh and ask, “What’s next? Any awards yet?”

How did you find solace this week?


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  1. Wow! What a great review!! You definitely needed to share that…and you need to be so proud of your hard work on this book!! I am proud of you, Sharon, and so happy that you are being recognized for your beautiful writing.
    Love you.

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