Writer - Author - Poet
Writer - Author - Poet

I have embarked on the social media journey and joined Twitter. I watched a YouTube tutorial on how to set up a Twitter account twice, and still made mistakes I didn’t know how to fix. How do I tweet? Who do I follow? If I tweet, should I add a comment? Are replies public?

Last weekend, my daughter visited. I asked, “How do I tweet?”

“Mom, it’s so simple,” she replied, as her fingers gracefully glided over her phone screen as she tweeted and retweeted and commented and replied. “Oh, hey, this is great,” sharing a poem from someone she follows. “You’ll figure it out.”

I try another tutorial and spend the morning reading tweets and wondering about hashtags; going down what seems to me like rabbit holes. By lunchtime, I have one follower –my daughter. I haven’t figured anything out yet. I grab my sweatshirt and head outside.

I walk around the many acres of land surrounding my home, stopping every now and again to admire the view or to feel the sun on my face, noticing little things. The green moss next to a stream.

The buds on the mountain alder, and green shoots under the tall grasses. A bluebird sitting atop of a tall mullein plant calling to his mate, then flying off, his wings the color of sapphires and an aquamarine glacial lake. To me, it’s the finest of blues.

The tension of trying to decipher the virtual world slowly drifts away, replaced with a feeling of nothingness. My heartbeat calms and steadies. Refuge.

How did you find solace this week?

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