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Reader Reviews

Emotional and riveting, couldn’t put it down!

This is a story about a young girl named Sylvie and her family. Sylvie is repeatedly bullied and deals with immense social and mental setbacks throughout her adolescence, which comes to a turbulent collision course once she enters college. This is a wonderful book that reminds us what it truly means to be human, to feel grief, to have doubts, and to have hope still despite it all.

The Dark Flower


Sharon Kreider’s first book is an emotional and compelling page turner. I had trouble putting it down. Great character development. The author helps you “get inside the head and heart” of Sylvie. This is a must read for parents of teens, particularly the parents of pre teen and teenage girls.


Wow… complicated, complex, compelling and page-turning

Sharon Kreider writes with realism and caring for Sylvie as she weaves a story where the reader truly falls in and wants to know what happens next. Will there be a next? Since grief is a factor, I would recommend this for grief groups as it shares insights for families and the fallout that comes. Also, kudos to the cover and layout designs on this book. The front cover, the back cover readability, and the interior all are stellar. I read this with my book club – so glad it was recommended.


A sensitive and deep exploration of love and loss

This is a richly layered and poignant story of a talented and sensitive orchid child, Sylvie. Like a jigsaw puzzle, the elements of the story are expertly placed together, building piece by piece, to form the conclusion. By the end, the story is not over, but it is emotionally complete. Sylvie captures the angst and disorientation of coming of age in an average American home, battered and bruised by the common losses, confusion and harshness of modern life. The characters and their stories are interwoven to create a detailed tapestry of their interconnected lives and the impact they have on each other. As a tale of love, loss and grief, I felt satisfied, moved and heartbroken.


A must read!

Sharon does an amazing job humanizing a topic that we often look at as taboo. By presenting us with characters that we can either relate to or recognize, we get wrapped into the story and invested in the personalities and their outcomes (and maybe hollering at them for their decisions/actions, sometimes).

Humans and their emotions are complicated and so intertwined with those around them. Through Sylvie, Sharon makes these connections clear and how our actions, as minor as we may see them, when stacked, may have a bigger and bigger impact.

If you have or work with kids or teens, this is a must-read. If you enjoy a well-crafted story, it is also a must read!


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