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Writer - Author - Poet

Slowing Down

I can hardly believe this is the 17th Tuesday of 2024. It’s also National English Muffin Day, Spanish Language Day, World Book Day, National Email Day, Table Tennis Day, German Beer Day, International Creator Day, Cherry Cheesecake Day, Impossible Astronaut Day, and I kid you not –National Nose Picking Day! What? Who knew? It’s also […]

The Wonderful Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus are iconic Australian trees with distinctive bark, leaves, and striking foliage. There are over 700 species that are highly valued for their oil. Several large eucalyptus trees lined the eastern side of our rental, and I never tired of gazing at their magnificent trunks and branches. The more mature ones looked like works of […]

Treehouse by the Sea

The first thing I noticed when we arrived at our coastal rental was a little black and white picture frame with the words: Paris New York London Tokyo and the name of the small town nearby. I laughed. The place we chose to stay at was not Tokyo or Paris but a quaint, out-of-the-way spot […]

Ortho Life

For many years, I’ve aspired to run a half-marathon and a full marathon. However, there was always something that got in the way: a significant family event, an injury, not enough training, the timing was wrong, an illness, and then there were the times when other activities took priority. Traveling to a foreign country or […]

Two Summers

A snowbird is defined as someone migrating from the colder parts of the northern hemisphere to warmer, southern locations. In North America, many snowbirds travel to Palm Springs, Florida, Texas, Arizona, Costa Rica, or Hawaii. This year I have also participated in this snowbird exodus. But I’ve traveled much further and spent most of my […]

Family –the Heart of a Home

If you’ve read my memoir, Wandering …a long way past the past, you may recall that my relationship with my now-deceased mother was not particularly a loving one ‘nor a healthy one. In my book, I did not mention much in the way of positive reminiscences, as there weren’t many. However, there was a special […]

Transcending Pain

My blogs end with the caption “Enjoy the passage of time.” For most of us, enjoying the passage of time is usually easier when things are pleasant. Appreciating a sunrise after a good night’s sleep. Feeling safe and secure. Delighting in going out for dinner with friends. Grateful for the kindness someone showed us. A […]


Last year I participated in a neuroscience workshop regarding how yoga affects the brain. I learned that the natural aging of the brain accelerates between the ages of 70-80 and increases significantly after 80. Fluid cognition, such as remembering names or visual attention, declines more quickly than crystallized cognition like long-term memories or cultural norms. […]

Always Learning

I learned a lot in 2023. I learned how to play pickleball and American Mah Jongg, though I am quite a beginner in both. I learned how to prepare delicious gluten-free meals with the help of oat flour, a cup of patience, and heaping tablespoons of trial-and-error experiments. I learned that I must work out […]

Old-Growth Forests

These days most of the hikes I go on are in second-growth forests, some more mature than others but often not in America’s original forests. However, recently I went on a hike in a Pacific Northwest old-growth forest with trees 8-10’ in diameter and 200-300’ high. Dendrologists (people who study trees) believe these trees are […]

Sunrises and the Big Picture

Each morning the sun rises in the eastern sky. Sometimes with a blast of brilliant color: scarlet red, marigold orange, deep purple, and strokes of bright yellow. Other times, with just a hint of violet or buttery beige. This morning I was treated to a blast of color I had not seen in months. Still […]

Thankful for my Half Cup

When I go out for dinner, I usually read the whole menu to discover what I might want to eat. My family members and friends usually have no problem deciding what they want. My husband finds his selection right away. Not me. I use the process of elimination. No, I don’t want that or that […]

The North Star

Polaris, or the North Star, is in the same location in the northern hemisphere every night from dusk to dawn, neither rising nor setting, and is also the brightest star in the sky. It symbolizes direction, guidance, stability, and purpose. In Norse folklore, the North Star was at the end of a spike around which […]

No Man is an Island

In the BBC Planet Earth documentary series, there is an episode about a group of fish called “schooling fish” swimming together to confuse predators. The stalker, like a shark, can’t pick out an individual fish, and therefore, the chances of the whole group getting away are greatly increased. Herring are among the more spectacular schooling […]


Downsizing usually means reducing in size, the process of replacing something larger with something smaller, or in the financial world when companies cut the workforce to diminish operating costs. I’ve used this word a lot in the last several months. For instance, to explain to my friends why I moved, “Oh, we’re just downsizing.” We […]