Sylvie is a tender, poignant novel examining a family’s love for one another, acceptance, and letting go. Set in the Colorado mountains, it reveals the secrets and lies surrounding what appears to be a perfect family. Exploring the delicate threads binding family together, we learn how an unexpected tragedy can unravel everything and how they find hope, inspiration, and forgiveness to continue.

An important and sadly relevant story about a loving family forced to accept and forgive the results of a young girl’s repeated social rejection, Sylvie is a must-read for grief groups; providing useful, understandable insight for parents and siblings of family members suffering consequences of coping with unexpressed trauma.


In 1976, carrying a small backpack filled with minimal trekking gear and one change of clothes, Sharon hopped on a plane from her native Canada to England and started her overland solo adventure from Europe to Asia, eager for a fresh start, a new beginning.

She knew little about the history of the countries she visited, nor did she realize how much those experiences would alter her view of the world –so much so that she ended up living in India from the summer of 1977 until early autumn of 1979.

This remarkable story about adventure, love, forgiveness, and hope will keep you so engrossed you won’t want to put the book down until you’ve read the last page.