Sylvie is a poignant women’s fiction novel examining a family’s love for one another, acceptance, and letting go. Set in the Colorado mountains, it reveals the secrets and lies surrounding what appears to be a perfect family. Exploring the delicate threads binding family together, we learn how an unexpected tragedy can unravel everything and how they find hope, inspiration, and forgiveness to continue.

An important and sadly relevant story about a loving family forced to accept and forgive the results of a young girl’s repeated social rejection, Sylvie is a must-read for grief groups, parents, and educators; providing useful, understandable insight for parents and siblings of family members suffering consequences of coping with unexpressed trauma.


Wandering …a long way past the past, is a remarkable travel memoir about the author’s three-year solo adventure from her remote hometown in Canada to Asia, during the late 1970s – a time before cellphones, the internet, and more modern modes of touring.

An exceptional account of courage, love, overcoming adversity, and forgiveness. You won’t want to put the book down until you’ve read the last page.

Article from the Sandpoint Reader

Reader Reviews

Page-turner. Best book I’ve read in a decade

Incredible story, character development and beautiful descriptive narrative. This is beautiful, tender story of love and loss with deep emotional depth.

It has it all! I could not put it down.


Everyone should read this book!

“Sylvie” is a heartbreaking story that really, really needs to be told.


A complicated story in a lovely, realistic voice

My book club read this book upon its release. The story goes behind the scenes and shows one family’s dysfunction, following all the players thoughts and feelings. You might think you know what will happen, and maybe you do, but then the end isn’t what you might expect. The characters reminded me of people I’ve known. I was very invested in the story and especially enjoyed the poetry attributed to the protagonist.


Simultaneously heart-warming and heart-wrenching this book takes the reader on an emotional journey that is not to be missed!